Company Info

Partex Paper Mills Ltd.

is an active in the production of Writing Paper. The Company is prominent in manufacturing and supplying of Writing Paper. We are the part of “PARTEXGROUP” having two Paper Mills:


About Us

Our planet is immense. But yet, it is also quite fragile. Daily headlines remind us that we live in a delicate ecosystem under serious assault. But, thankfully, a new attitude is emerging. One that takes responsibility for the problems we face and resolves to treat the planet more kindly.

Company Overview

The Group has invested in a number of diverse import substitutes, export oriented as well as a few service oriented projects. Directors of the group are also in board members of several renowned financial and educational institutions .

Board of Directors

Aziz Al Masud Managing Director
Arman Lee Director
Arshad Lee Director

Group Concern

Amber Pulp & Paper Mills Ltd.
  Partex Paper Mills Ltd.


• Net worth US$ 300 million
• 450 distributor around the nation
• 280,000 outlets where products are available
• Over 10,000 employees
Multidiscipline Industrial Complex
2004 – 2005 turnover US$460 million
Growth rate 20% per annum